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9. Scheme 9::

9.1. Scheme Name:





9.3.1. The 'India Habitat Centre' (IHC) was set-up in New Delhi with the primary objective to 'Develop an integrated physical environment' and promote habitat related issues'. There is no such centre at Vizag. In view of this, it is proposed to promote such a centre with an initial objective of promoting a better urban settlement activity. Visakhapatnam is fast becoming the Eastern Gateway to India and growing industrially as a maritime commercial trading centre. At present, it has no decent public place for a comfortable and economical short stay except for the costly hotels or the corporate owned Guest Houses. Thus, there is a necessity to create a place for a economical comfortable stay like the 'India Habitat' centre at New Delhi. The Society, as a part of its community service, would like to moot the idea and build such a facility in Visakhapatnam. The first requirement is land of about 5 Acres at a suitable location preferably with the sea view.

9.4. LAND:

9.4.1. The Society plans to request the District Collector and Vice - Chairman VUDA, to lease, about 5 Acres of land to the Society to build the centre. The idea is at the end of the lease period of say 30 years, the structure and facilities will revert to the Government, free of cost.


9.5.1. The plan is to build a 5 strayed structure with six rooms on each floor with all facilities like a convention Hall, visitors drawing hall, conference rooms, restaurant, recreation and fitness centre, library etc for a comfortable short stay. The most important aspect is to create a pleasant environ around the structure. Accordingly, it proposes to build a good looking structure with a pleasing environ, specious well ventilated living rooms with all the amenities like cold and hot running water, wardrobe, beds, comfortable sitting place, TV, Communications with WIFI connection etc Adequate parking space. Open garden space with green Lawns and pleasant flower plants etc. The details are at in the Data Sheet.


9.6.1. The Estimated cost is about Rs. 10 Crores to be met from individual membership contributions, corporate and institutional membership contributions. In case of individual membership, it will be Rs. 1,50,000/- which enables the member to avail himself and his wife or colleague or a nominee for 3 days (2 nights) free lodging in an air-conditioned specious and luxurious room, once in a year for a period of 30 years. Similarly, the corporate membership will be Rs. 5,00,000/- for 4 members on the same terms applicable to an ordinary member. In other words, the plan is to admit about 1000 as members. The balance of the contributions will be deposited as a Maintenance Fund from which the interest earnings will be utilized for the operation and maintenance of the centre. Further, the rooms unoccupied will be rented out, on commercial basis, to augment the income.


9.7.1. The entire scheme will be under the direct surveillance of the District Collector who shall be the Chief Patron and associated with another 4 official patrons. A five member committee will be constituted by the Society to organize the execution of the Scheme under the guidance and supervision of the Society. The idea is to invite membership on 'first come first served' basis from citizens of India, preferably staying abroad. At the same time, approach the local corporations, preferably from the public sector to participate in the scheme.


9.8.1. The plan is to float the idea and start the enrolment from 1st January 2015 and complete the enrolment by 31st December, 2015. Meanwhile, attend to the estimation, tendering and associated requirements and commence the construction from 1st June 2015 and complete it by June, 2016.This is only a broad outline and the details for the scheme have to be worked out.

Check of Scheme9