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Scheme-8 (Elders village home)

8. Scheme 8:

8.1. Scheme Name:

8.1.1. Scheme-8 (Elders village home)


8.2.1. Yet to be decided.


8.3.1. The Society in continuation to its layout activities for its members, proposes to extend this activity to the elders of the members and develop a pleasant and decent village for 100 elders in an exclusive area of about 10 Acres in a calm, quiet, non-polluted area away from the noisy and busy surroundings of an urban complex. Though, the village will be away from an urban complex, it will not be far away from the medical facilities of a town or city. Further, the village will have all the amenities and provisions of urban living.

8.4. LAND:

8.4.1. It is proposed to purchase land of about 10 Acres exclusively for the village, a little away from a town or city and free from the insanitation, bustle and tussle of a city, pollution particularly the noise pollution, anxiety and tension of a city life particularly from insecurity etc. However, the medical facilities for elders shall be accessible and within reach of the village. The main consideration is no scope for urban development around the village. However, there will be urban living in close proximity since the village will be an adjacent to the site layout so that the Elders live in a social-economic environment and not in isolation from the social life.


8.5.1. The plan is to ear-mark, the 10 acres land for elders village and ensure no activity comes up in this area except for the Elders Homes. The centre of this land of about 1 Acre shall be developed for the living of the elders and leave the other area for plantation and greenery so that the Elders, if so desire, work in the gardens and plantation or room around leisurely and safely. The central portion of the land will have the Elders homes in a cluster with all amenities for cooking, dinning, reading, hear music, to play indoor easy games like caroms, cards, chess etc, meditation. Further, there will be a dispensary and counselling centre. Also, there will be facilities to see a movie or TV on an enlarged screen. All these will be centralized facilities.

8.5.2. Each home or living area will be about 525 Sq. ft with a bed room with twin beds, attached bath, a visiting Hall with TV, Telephone etc. There will be an attached kitchen with a fridge etc. An air-conditioner can be installed, if desired. There will be plenty of ventilation with wide windows and free flow of breeze. Around the elders homes, there will be a residential complex to provide residential accommodation to the house manager, residential Doctor, Nurses, drivers, servants etc. Also, there will be a Ambulance station. Further, transport arrangements will be made for weekly outings.

8.5.3. The entire area will be under surveillance for the safety of the inmates. The entry into the village will be permitted only to the authorized persons through a security system. There will be locker facilities and an ATM facility. There will be a nearby Guest House facility to accommodate the family members or relatives since the stay in the village restricted to the Elders only.

Check of Scheme8