The Bheemunipatnam Mutually Aided Co-operative Building Society Ltd., 2443


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Outline of the Scheme2

BCBS Layout 2 at Gollala Tallavalasa.

2. Scheme- 2:

2.1. Scheme Name:

2.1.1. BCBS Layout – 2 at Gollala Tallavalasa.


2.2.1. 3.5 kms from Society office at Bheemunipatnam on the direct route to  Visakhapatnam (Dora Thota Road).


2.3.1. The Society confined its activities only to Scheme-1 right from its formation in 1970 till 1996. During these 26 years, the Society considered its sole objective as that of Scheme-1 and never thought of enlarging and expanding its objectives beyond it even though the then Bye-Laws of the Society provided for such activities. Thus, the Society moved only with a single point objective and accordingly, the Society remained in a stagnant state.

2.3.2. Shri. K. Ganapathi Rao, the then District Co-operative Officer could see it and stated that he does not like societies with no real activity and described them as, practically, dead Societies. This prompted the then Managing Committee to ponder over these remarks and pushed itself to venture into the main activity of a Society. Accordingly, it purchased the first bit of land, away from Scheme-1, in November, 1996 and launched the Scheme-2.
2.3.3. For this, the Society invited applications for membership under Scheme-2, preferably from Scheme-1 members. The response was Luke warm. The first member joined the Scheme on 30-04-1997.

2.4. LAND:

2.4.1. The Society identified a stretch of land in Gollala Thallavalasa, a village about 4 kms from the Society office on the direct route to Visakhapatnam. It could purchase only to an extent of 12 Acres 71 cents, in a Zig Zag way. All the cultivators in the locality did not come forward to sell their lands. The price was Rs. 2.5 Lakhs per acre. The Society spent Rs. 40 Lakhs as a loan from its funds it collected for Scheme-1 and lying idle in the bank. This was vehemently opposed by some elder members from Scheme-1. Even the Department of co-operatives was not happy with this approach. However, this paved the way for the Society to come to life with activity of a Society. The details of the land purchased and the 9 sale deeds are at Annexure – 2.1.

2.5.1. The Society applied to VUDA, the competent authority to accord approval to the layout, on 03-09-1997. The first step, at that time, was to obtain the Permission of the Andhra Pradesh Government for use of this land for non-agricultural purposes. The usual procedure was to publish this intention in the Andhra Pradesh Gazattee through VUDA and invite objections. VUDA published it on 26-09-2000. Thereon, VUDA accorded the approval for the BLP for the layout, vide letter No. 479/99/G-1 dated 09-09-2002. (Annexure – 2.2)

2.5.2. The Society invited Tenders publishing the Tender Notice in the Newspaper on 01-07-2003 for development of the land. 30 Tender bids were received. The Tender Evaluation committee scrutinized these Tenders and selected M/s. Visakha Engineering works as the lowest tenderer. The Society awarded the development of the Civil works to this tenderer for a cost of Rs. 37,84,795.56, on 04-11-2003. The work was completed by the contractor and other works by 28-08-2004. The Society applied to VUDA for the layout approval on 14-12-2004 and VUDA accord the approval on         14-12-2004 (Annexure – 2.3).

2.5.3. According to this approval, the plotted area was Acs 6.49, the school area Acs 0.5, Roads Acs 4.43 and the park area Ac 1.29. Thus, there were 114 plots varying in size from 214 Sq. Yards to 624 Sq. Yards. The layout plan is at Annexure – 2.4.

2.5.4. The development cost was Rs. 128 Lakhs and the land cost was   Rs. 34 Lakhs. This includes all other incidental expenses.


2.6.1. The Society admitted 101 members and allotted plots to all of them. The Society charged Rs. 500/- per Sq. Yard for plots in 'A' block, Rs. 475/- per Sq. Yard for plots in 'B' Block and Rs. 450/- per Sq. Yard for plots in 'C' block. There are 16 plots in A block, 74 plots in 'B' Block and 24 plots in 'C' block. The total receipts from the members were Rs. 157 Lakhs. This includes an amount of Rs. 9.9 Lakhs as Maintenance Fund.

2.6.2. The members registered these plots in their names and no one built their homes, so far.

Check of Scheme2